Mother’s day and all that..

Writing this post on mother’s day.

What I see on Facebook when I log in this morning is a flood of mother’s day messages. People posting their pics with their moms and confessing their love for them. That makes me ponder oh so they need to wait for a particular day to pour their hearts out to their lovely mothers who have been loving them unconditionally since their birth.

I am not against public display of affection. But what bothers me is why only on this day designated as Mother’s day? Also why do people need to show the pictures of their loved ones , the gifts, the praise they get from their loved ones to everyone in their list on does not end there because when anyone in your list comments or like what you have posted it is visible to everyone in that person’s friend list.

And what is more surprising is most of the mothers who are wished and appreciated on Facebook do not even have a Facebook account.So it is not for them but for the world to know!!

That makes me think of old days when it was a dream to get your picture in newspaper. It was a symbol of fame , praise and it still is. But what is interesting is that social networking sites are making this dream a reality. Now people have chance to be talked about, to be famous in their circle, to be praised and liked. You post a picture and instantly you get liked and praised.You feel like a celebrity. is that the only motivation for people posting their most intimate moments like honeymoon pictures!, a gift by a loved one?

No there is more to it. There is an inherent desire to tell others how lucky you are, how happy you are. But why? portraying your life as a perfect dream with a perfect spouse, perfect children, a perfect job, perfect vacations.We want someone to tell us how lovely our child is. How adorable our dog is. How caring our spouse is. How beautiful our holiday destination is and blah blah.

There really is no one day for mothers. They need to be appreciated each day.

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