Welcome to new life!

Work Permit

Work Permit (Photo credit: Cliph)

This is not about the documents or the procedure you need to know to get a visa or permanent residence card or work permit .

There are millions of articles for that kind of information.
My blog is all about what to expect when you are home away from home.
How to start all over again once you land in a new country of which you know little about.
How to find your space.
What all to see in Toronto.


Toronto Skyline

Toronto Skyline (Photo credit: Bobolink)


The first thing that you will miss is your network of people and friends that you were so used to in your native country. If you were already staying away from your family you have had some practice.good for you! If not it is a bit harder to get used to that void.
Get hold of those few people whom you know in your initial days because of your job,or your neighborhood . Do no rush into making relationships. Only if you are comfortable around someone , you should be thinking of taking it further.you will be meeting many people but not all will be your kind.

I used to search online for groups who were from India . Found few and networked with them.went into their events . Not all of them were continued. But found few friends among them. Not a bad way to start networking.

So search online the groups that you might be interested to explore.

I am a stay at home mom .If you have kids then you have the advantage in that you can join a kid- parent program in your area to get to know other moms. Who knows you might get your BFF in one of them!!

You need to be approachable and warm to let others know you. It is very different once you are out of your birth land. You need to give importance to networking with people. They are all you have in the name of family and friends.

All the best!!

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