Summer dear where are you?



Anorak01.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was all set to pack my winter jackets when it struck this friday. THE SNOW.what again??? noooooo

It had been raining all friday.Was cold enough on saturday to wear a jacket and sunday was like we had snow! The heater was on for few hours. pheww!
I am done with this winter and icy cold winds. Where is the summer?
Monday was not good either.

When I landed in Canada a few years ago in March I saw people around me all excited as summer was round the corner. I could not understand why the hell no one is at home on weekends.Why people plan months ahead for long weekends.Why there are no reservations left on popular get aways.

Now I am one of them!!

I now know the value of Canadian summer.That is the only time you can chill out without feeling chilly.I have so many summer dresses I bought for myself this spring , waiting to be taken out of closet and worn.

Today there is frost warning. I am keeping my fingers crossed for tommorow. Hoping it would be the last day of this stupid winter.

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