African Lion Safari

It was my first experience to see the African lion safari two years back.My brother had flown down to Toronto to meet us.So we had been planning where we can take him and African lion safari was one of the chosen places.
I was hoping to see just the lions as the name suggests but was pleasantly surprised to see many more creatures there.
Also it was first experience for me to see the animals roaming all free while we were driving around in the car.It was much more fun than a zoo visit.
We went in the month of August and it was good season to go.
T was nearly a year old and she slept as soon as we reached the safari.
The weather was lovely when we reached there but the sudden rain made it cold.I did not take any jackets for me or for T.
So had to search the gift shop.Unfortunately they do not sell any winter clothes.All I could find was a stole to wrap around T.I bought it and yes it was overpriced.
The trip was fun and when the rain stopped  the weather was awesome.
The food was not that great.Not many varieties to choose from.Even fewer options for vegetarians.

For a summer trip –
Take sun screen, sun glasses, hats
Plenty of water
Pack food from home.

Check the weather before planning the trip to avoid surprises and sudden variations in temperature.

Below is a photo tour of what I saw.



306079_10150756297530234_3204289_n  The awesome weather as is evident from this pic.

310833_10150756235995234_8049555_n   Lion -The king

305110_10150756247990234_6934588_n   Cheetah

317781_10150756263105234_1666002_n   Wildebeest

305136_10150756269585234_1584759_n   white rhinoceros

296357_10150756253765234_2897803_n  Ostrich

308652_10150756271030234_2111093_n   Yak

311249_10150756277175234_4402931_n  American fellow deer

316320_10150756264820234_6712961_n   Scimitar-Horned Onyx     315690_10150756261015234_1702005_n   Zebra

318316_10150756257500234_3000109_n    African Barbary Sheep

314617_10150756289635234_7042856_n   African Queen Boat Tour

296147_10150756291280234_6599463_n   Gibbon

The useful sites to go through for trip planning:

Enjoy!! or should I say “Have Fun” as my daughter cheerfully says to me whenever she says bye 🙂 and goes out.

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