pooping woes….

The problem started when T was nearly a year old. She would not poop for days. 3-4 days was normal and sometimes it went up to 6 days. The first time it crossed the 5th day , we got worried and rushed to our family doctor. He told us to increase the fluid intake, fiber  increase her physical activity. He prescribed some stool softener -Ducosate Sodium and one more medicine. It worked but the medicine was so bitter that T would just not take it. We tried it in juice , in water. But She used to vomit it . it was so bitter. We tried to find an alternative for the medicine which is better in taste but same effect wise. Unfortunately there is no substitute available that is easier on a baby’s taste buds.
The gap caused her stool to harden and she would avoid pooping even if she felt like going. This started a vicious circle and made it more difficult for her to poop. It was heart breaking to see her screaming and in pain.
I searched online and tried everything from prune juice, orange juice, even the pitted prunes to giving her fibre rich diet. T had always been an active child. So even that was not the cause.
The problem was getting worse. From 3 days it became 4 days and then. 5 days. We tried different medicines. Mineral oils .One jelly like oil I gave her a number of times was Lansoyl. But these things you cannot give everyday. They have their side effects. I did not want T to be dependent on them. So gave her medicines on and off. I continued with fiber rich diet, consciously increased the fluid intake but nothing seemed to work.
This continued for over a year. Every time she crossed the third day , the tension would start building up. I would pray and keep my fingers crossed so that this time it will be easier on her.We used to cancel all our outings.This was the most important task of the day, to get T to poop.
Last year we were on vacation in India , T as she was not used to the Indian climate would fall ill often and frequented doctor,s visit. He is a peadatrician and practices near to my home. During one of these visits I mentioned to him about T’s ongoing pooping problem. He suggested to increase her fluid intake, oil intake and sugar intake. He also suggested to give her a teaspoon of almond oil everyday. The magic was yet to be told. Then he told me to give T one spoon of honey in milk everyday.


Honey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was not sure how much it is going to cure the problem but since I had no other better solution , I thought of giving it a try. it worked like magic. At first I gave her almond oil as well as honey in milk. Then after 15 days I stopped giving the almond oil and continued with the honey in milk. Since then I have been praising the doctor to no end. T has been pooping since then like any other normal kid.
I plan to continue her honey in milk for some more years since honey has so many benefits.
But one thing should be noted that honey is not suitable for children under one year.
I decided to write this article as this might help other moms who are facing the same problem.







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