Are you God fearing or God loving?

I have this neighbor, lets call her ‘N’ who is fond of posting spiritual stuff on Facebook.  All those god messages and ideal talk. But what I observe about her in real life, she is far from That ideal talk. One instance is how she talks about our other neighbor, lets call her ‘E’ who is not so fortunate in looks. This other neighbor is below average if we consider her looks. She runs a day care , I have heard she has been managing this day care since last 20 years. I was thinking of sending T to her and I sought N’s advice as she has been staying in the area for quite a long time and I have just shifted there. The comment that she made on E’s looks was like “oh my husband said , she has a face that will horrify the children” and then she laughed.
I decided to go and see what E’s day care is like and how she is as a person. I found her place to be clean, organized and child proof. It was ideal place for my daughter. I found E to be sincere in her job.
Also on more than one occasion  I found that N is over suspicious of people around her specially men . She has a teen aged daughter and I understand that it is OK to be cautious but to see every man as a rapist and every friend of her daughter a drug addict is a bit too much.
Every time I tell her something, she has this déjà vu ,”oh this happened with me too” and then she goes on and on with her story not bothering what I was telling her! This reminds me of a song by six pence none the richer though not in the same context.
The song goes like -There she goes ,there she goes again! Here is a link to the song!

So this whole story about N is to understand that why the real and virtual is so different. I came across a very interesting article few days ago in Forbes. An interesting read.

So I found N to be god fearing but not god loving. Because a god loving person will not be so shallow to judge another person on looks,color,race or status. A god loving person will be above all these. A god loving person will not see all others as a threat or danger because of their gender.
I watched a movie titled oh my god!!
I loved this movie and totally agree with the message-
Be god loving not god fearing!

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