How to prepare for a day out.

Are you planning to go for a picnic or amusement park or to a place where you need to remain out in the sun for the whole time?

Here are some tips from my experience to make your trip a walk on the cake!

The preparation I did was make the lunch, so that we can have a picnic too and also it is always better to pack food when you go to such places as you are never sure what is on the menu. You would not want to starve yourself in case you find nothing of your choice. Being a vegetarian it makes the choice narrower. Having said that, while packing food, I always keep in mind that the item should taste good even when it gets cold and if possible take the dry items for the main course meal. They are easier to pack, convenient to eat and the risk for spill and spoil is lesser. Since I have a little daughter, I keep a lot of snacks. With little children it is always better to keep them as they are less likely to sit and eat a proper meal. They are just too excited to see everything. Also it is advisable to keep an extra pair of clothes for the your LO.

The things to pack:

  1. Disposable plates, cups, spoons.
  2. Paper napkins.
  3. Water, juices (I like to keep Gatorade).
  4. Snacks (chips, cookies).
  5. Fruits (banana, cucumber, water melon).
  6. Hats and sunglasses.
  7. Sunscreen

If you have small children on the trip:

  1. Diapers and wipes.
  2. Extra pair of clothes.
  3. Some toys to keep them occupied while in the car.

It is convenient if you carry a backpack because there is just too much stuff to take on outings especially with small children. On top of that you need to walk a lot on such trips. Wear something comfortable rather than something just fashionable. That way you will have focus on enjoying the trip more. Wear flat shoes if possible. It would be more tiresome if you prefer to wear heels on such trips.

If your baby has a regular nap habit, encourage him/her to take a nap during that time. That way the child will not be over tired and will wake up fresh even if it is a smaller nap than his/her usual time. A cranky child at the trip makes it hard for everyone and for self too.

Lastly and the most important, check the weather before planning your trip and choose a day that is pleasant.

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