Find your sparrow!

It need not be a sparrow. You can choose anything that you love or like as a symbol to feel that the law of love is with you. I have chosen sparrow as I feel happy whenever I see one. It could be anything like reflection, rainbow, falling leaf anything that you love. Whenever you see your symbol believe that the power is with you. Feel it, gazing upon you.

I am so certain I know this power. I have encountered it at different phases of my life. The most remarkable ones I am sharing today that I still remember vividly despite so many years have passed. The first memory I have is when I was in 4th grade and I remember I was preparing for my GK exam a day before the exam. On the examination day as I was walking to school with my younger brother suddenly I felt I have lost my senses. I could not hear anything or speak anything. I was lost somewhere. I could see, I could walk but I could not feel anything. I felt as if I am outside of  my body and observing things around me including myself.I could not understand whats going on. It was a bit scary too as I could not understand what had happened. I was not dizzy. I was in some kind of haze. I felt as if I was separate from my body. I attended the prayer in the ground hoping it would go away. Exam started and I do not know what I wrote as I could not feel anything. I could not feel the paper or the pen. I remained in that state for whole of my exam. I came to my senses after the exam and I began to worry what had I written. I began to fear that i will fail. To my astonishment I scored 40/40 in GK whereas I had barely managed to pass in other subjects. I just could not understand what happened to this date.

The second incident is when I was preparing for my post graduate entrance exam. I got a book from my sister. It talked about the benefits of feeling good, believing in the best. I read it all with great interest and followed it.It was a fierce competition as there were only 30 seats into that post graduate program and some 1500 students had applied. The book said if you believe it can happen, it will happen, no matter how hard it seems. If you are ready to prepare and believe in it every moment, you will surely get it. Nothing is impossible. I used to draw the building(just a rectangular block)  on my notebook and write down the name of the institute which I wanted to study in. I would write my name beside it and would write I am the student of this institute .I would write my examination roll number and would write this roll no. has got selected in this institute. I would imagine myself going in that institute as a student. It gave me inspiration to study daily. Though my exam went average I cleared it and then went through the grilling interview and GD.  In the interview one of the selectors was my college professor. He knew me. He was god send for me. I made to the list of selected students that year and post graduated from that institute.

The universe has its way of getting things that you want. You need not worry of how are you going to get it. All you have to do is believing in your wishes coming true. For that emanate good feelings as much as you can. See the goodness around you. Feel the gratitude for all that you have. See the good in people and ignore negative.Love yourself. Do whatever it takes to feel good. Listen to inspirational and soothing music, listen to feel good songs, watch light and feel good movies, read inspirational books, talk to positive and loving people, avoid gossiping and talking negative about anyone or anything. Do not give your energy to anything negative.Take your attention to the good things that have happened to you today, yesterday, a week before or a month ago. Just think positive and feel good.

Life is waiting for you to embrace it.

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