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The three questions

  Today’s post is inspired from the short story by Leo Tolstoy that I happened to read a few days back. It struck me deeply. I will not write the story here but I will write about what I learnt … Continue reading

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Find your sparrow!

It need not be a sparrow. You can choose anything that you love or like as a symbol to feel that the law of love is with you. I have chosen sparrow as I feel happy whenever I see one. … Continue reading

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If you want it, you can get it when you get out of the way!

I have always wondered about the workings of nature as in everything in nature is so balanced and serene except us that is human race. It also strikes me that we are the most intelligent beings known on the planet … Continue reading

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How to prepare for a day out.

Are you planning to go for a picnic or amusement park or to a place where you need to remain out in the sun for the whole time? Here are some tips from my experience to make your trip a … Continue reading

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Arranged marriage Vs choice marriage.

Umpteen times it has been written and discussed about.Arranged marriage vs love marriage  I would like to call love marriage as choice marriage. So here it is arranged marriage vs choice marriage. To the west the concept of arranged marriage is unheard of. … Continue reading

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Daycare or nightmare?

This spring we decided to send T to a day care. We wanted her to interact with other kids independently and to spend time outside of home. So the look out for a daycare started. First thing I did was to call … Continue reading

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Are you God fearing or God loving?

I have this neighbor, lets call her ‘N’ who is fond of posting spiritual stuff on Facebook.  All those god messages and ideal talk. But what I observe about her in real life, she is far from That ideal talk. … Continue reading

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pooping woes….

The problem started when T was nearly a year old. She would not poop for days. 3-4 days was normal and sometimes it went up to 6 days. The first time it crossed the 5th day , we got worried and rushed … Continue reading

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African Lion Safari

It was my first experience to see the African lion safari two years back.My brother had flown down to Toronto to meet us.So we had been planning where we can take him and African lion safari was one of the chosen places. I was hoping to … Continue reading

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Summer dear where are you?

I was all set to pack my winter jackets when it struck this friday. THE SNOW.what again??? noooooo It had been raining all friday.Was cold enough on saturday to wear a jacket and sunday was like we had snow! The … Continue reading

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