If you want it, you can get it when you get out of the way!

I have always wondered about the workings of nature as in everything in nature is so balanced and serene except us that is human race. It also strikes me that we are the most intelligent beings known on the planet Earth. Then we must be going somewhere wrong to experience existing chaos, disharmony and conflict among us and around us.

Fortunately we can always turn back the events in our favor. We can at anytime choose to feel happy, joyful, content, appreciative and grateful for the things that we have, for the countless blessings we have seen in form of loved ones, our dreams getting realized. I am not saying that should be the criteria of feeling happy . what i am saying is that instead of focusing on don’t haves and don’t wants if and only if we could concentrate on haves and wants we could create positive energy that will surround us and will attract all the other things that we want, love, desire. The condition is you have to break this habit of getting and then feeling good. The condition is you have to feel good to get it. It is so simple that it is hard to believe at first. It might just do not click at first because we have been conditioned from our childhood that it is hard work that pays. But let me tel you my friend life is meant to be fun and joyful. If you take life too seriously , it will give you serious circumstances. Because it is responding to your feelings. It is bound to give you what you think and feel.

It is so simple as eating. When you cook food and serve it in the dish, you must have the intention to eat it. That signals your brain to work in that direction. To hold the spoon, to feed the food to your mouth. Simply cooking food does not satisfy your hunger. You have to have the intention to eat it. Likewise simply wishing and not believing in the desire will cook the desire but will not be pushed to you! You have to tune your frequency to the positive things. You have to feel positive as much as you can. The feeling good is the fuel for your desire to materialize. It thrives on goodness around you.

We all are vibrational beings. Everything around us is vibration and energy. What we give out, is what we receive. If we give out negative feelings and energy, our frequency is low and we attract negative people, negative circumstances. If we give out positive feelings and energy, our frequency shifts higher and higher and we attract positive people and circumstances that matches our frequency and we create abundance everywhere we go, for ourselves and for others.

Life is not a chance, it is really a matter of choice. Every second , every moment we are making this choice of what our life will be the very next moment.

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